California Convergence (Convergence) is governed by a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is compromised of up to 28 members, including up to 4 community leaders from each of the seven Regional Organizing Groups. Regional Organizing Groups are responsible for appointing the four members to serve as their delegation on the Steering Committee. Each Regional Organizing Group is encouraged to invite at least one community resident to serve as one of the four members. Here’s a list of the Steering

  • Serve a minimum of one calendar year.
  • Attend a minimum of four (4) Steering Committee meetings/teleconferences per year.
  • Actively participate in regional organizing convenings, if the region has begun meeting.
  • Serve on at least one Steering Committee subcommittee, workgroup or taskforce. If a Steering Committee member is not able to serve in this capacity, he/she will identify a Convergence member or partner from his/her region to serve.
  • While sitting on the Steering Committee, members: Represent the interests of the communities which make up their Regional Organizing Groups.
  • Guide and participate in implementation of the Convergence Strategic Plan.
  • Review recommendations from the Coordinating Office and Subcommittees, Workgroups, and Task Forces to make decisions regarding Convergence organizational structure, resource allocation, and subcommittee recommendations including: Ratify policy priorities based on recommendations from the Policy Subcommittee.
  • Develop and approve the design, metrics and reporting procedures for evaluation.
  • Partner with funders and the Convergence Coordinating Office to secure investments to support the Regional Organize Group development and to promote Convergence through the following:
    • Encourage funders’ own organizations, boards, and grantees to support Convergence.
    • Outreach to other funders (e.g. community and family foundations, government) to create a more diversified funders collaborative to align, leverage, and sustain current resources.

The Steering Committee has two Co-Chairs, who serve one calendar year. The role of the Steering Committee Co-Chairs will rotate annually, reflecting Convergence’s collaborative leadership model.